En el mes de San Patricio

Por | 10 abril, 2015|

By Brian Lacey.
The 17 March is St Patrick’s Day. St Patrick is honoured as the patron saint of Ireland (although in medieval times there were two other patrons: Saint Brigid and Saint Colum Cille). His feastday is celebrated also in many other parts of the world, especially in countries such as the USA where the […]

La diosa celta Brigid y la cruz de Santa Brígida

Por | 23 enero, 2015|

The 1 February was celebrated in Iron Age Ireland as the Celtic festival of Oímelg or Imbolc, two similar words in Gaelic which originally signified the lactation of sheep and the birth of lambs. This was, in essence, a celebration of the arrival of springtime and the renewal of life in the countryside after the […]

Santos y dioses de Irlanda. San Columba y el dios celta Lug

Por | 8 enero, 2015|


Ireland has been inhabited by humans for the last ten thousand years, at least. People may have lived there before that but evidence for this has not been found. The island is dotted with, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of archaeological sites. Those ancient sites and monuments still survive because there was very little industrialisation – […]

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